Bridge the Gap Podcast

Episode 16 | “The Rebrand”

June 4, 2019

On this weeks episode, the guys start off by paying respect to an educator Jose and DeLaSerg were familiar with. The guys recap the AUX WARS event mars3times mentioned a couple weeks back and the guys give their takeaways from the artists they saw perform (23:35). An engagement, Warner Bros. Records, and Denzel Curry’s new album and the timing of its release is discussed (57:49). The Lil’ Weezyana festival’s 5th year line-up and Kanye Wests’ interview with David Letterman are picked apart (1:10:45). The success seen from IGOR, new music coming from Freddie Gibbs + Madlib, and plans on Otero vs. Jose’s “Battle of the Carters” begin (1:35:32). The guys close sharing good news and more respects are paid.

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