Bridge the Gap Podcast

Episode 21 | “Can She Rap?”

July 9, 2019

This week the Bridge the Gap boys get into a lot! They start off highlighting an event taking place this weekend (7:35), Scooter Braun finds his way into the conversation again, and the Russ Joe Budden pull up interview brings Jose to revive a phrase from season one. Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III leads to a heated discussion on J. Cole’s recent decisions and the interpretation of its impact (26:41). Lil’ Nas X, an explosion in Plantation over the weekend and A$AP Rocky’s legal troubles are also covered. The fellas give focus to women in rap music which leads to a dialogue on double standards with expectations from men vs. women (50:26). The NBA, free agency, and changes in the league bring BIG P to ask if the Eastern Conference will continue to be entertaining. The guys revisit conversations on video streaming content and anticipate something new from Hulu (1:12:41). The guys bring Bitcoin back up, some good news, and a lot more.

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