Bridge the Gap Podcast

Episode 24 | “Fresh off the Float”

July 30, 2019

During this weeks episode, things start off with BIG P asking the listeners a question while reporting on Apple funding their own exclusive podcasts (17:14) and Drake’s distancing from Apple brings DeLaSerg to point out a key statistic connected to his career. The fellas give a Puerto Rico update, and congratulate Meg Thee Stallion on her ownership achievement (38:20). Mig introduces the XXL freestyles, and the guys celebrate where the culture is and pose a couple questions while highlighting Meek Mill and Jay-Z’s joint business venture. BIG P proposes some plans for September in Atlanta to Bridge the Gap at REVOLT (55:39), the guys give an A$AP Rocky update and talk about the new Good Thinking collection. BIG P reinforces his perspective on the future of video streaming and Jose gets in his float bag about the stock price of Netflix (1:15:00).

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